Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wii Fit 8-31-08

Greg and I have been trying to do the Wii Fit. Even though this is only our second night, we hope to get into a routine (atleast I do). For those of you whom have never played Wii Fit, it's a video game that goes with the Wii Game system. While standing on a raised electronic step, you have to perform activities in different categories. From balancing on a tight rope, to catching hula hoops, it's very easy to raise your heart rate while working on your balance. Greg enjoys playing table tilt, ski jump and running. I enjoy advanced step, hula hoop and table tilt.

Stay tune for more updates on Wii Fit Physical Improvements!!

BTW: Nate and Zach enjoy the soccer game. The player has to bounce soccer balls off from his/her head whithout getting hit by a panda bear or shoe.

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