Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Running List of Zachisms

Growing up to fast:
From the mouth of Zach:
1. While getting a hair cut and admiring his "sparky" new hair, "Can I have my hair colored?"

2. Today, 9/10/08, Zach rode with Bethany out to Creative and boy was he full of it. Here's what tops today's list.

• After following behind a "stinky" car on the highway, Zach said "what is that smell?" Bethany told him that it was the car ahead them. He said that it was yucky "smelled like burnt watermelon."

• When they arrived at Knapp to drop off Austin (Bethany's son), Zach said "excuse me Bethany, this isn't my school. I go to CLC." Once reassured that she wasn't leaving him there, he told her "good cause this is Nate's school."

• While walking across the parking lot to get into CLC, Zach had his hand up. Bethany didn't think much of it until they had reached the sidewalk and Zach says "next time please hold my hand when we cross the parking lot."

And that's just a few. :)

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