Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Rainy Day in Chicago

Jeff, Cindy, Greg and I went to Chicago on September 13th to Chicago. Even though we started our day knowing that we were going to get SOAKED we were excited to go anyways. After a quick stop to McDonalds for breakfast, we were off. When we arrived in Chicago, we parked near Millenium Park. We walked from there to Hard Rock Cafe were Greg's umbrella broke only a couple blocks in. :( We had an AWESOME meal. Greg ate twisted macaronni and I had a french dip. We attempted to order desert however only Jeff truly enjoyed his ice cream!! After lunch, we did some shopping/browseing on Michigan Ave. Greg's favorite stop was the Lego store!! After the Lego store, we continue our walk in the rain. Jeff and Greg then ran our packages to the car while Cindy and I watched everyone get soaked walking up and down the raods. It was not time to find some supper before we headed towards the concert. We came across another McDonalds and decided to eat. Not the best meal in the world however it satisfied the hunger. We continued our journey to Millenium Park where "The Elders" were already playing on stage. We stood and listened to them, in the rain. They were so glad that people had put up with the rain and had come out to see them that they gave everyone a free CD. Finally it was time for the main event. The reason we had drove to Chicago, the reason we had stayed in the rain ALL day, it was time for "The Great Big Sea." The concert was amazing and since the weather was so nasty, not may people were there (so we had a great seats!!). While keeping an eye on the sky, we sang and danced and had a wonderful time. After all of our fun and festivities, we got back in the car and headed towards home. We stoped at another McDonalds (providing Greg with his 3rd cinimelt for the day) for a lite snack and drink for the trip home. The commute to Holland wasn't bad however between Holland and Grand Rapids was terrible. It took us over 45minutes (which we usually do in 25-30) to get home. Greg was white nuckled and his hands hurt the next day. All in all, we had a great time, enjoyed being out with Jeff and Cindy and we can't wait for our next, sunny adventure!!

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