Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year

Even though we are now 15 days into January, I thought it would be better late than never to write a New Years post.

The Holidays went by very fast. Christmas Eve was a little different than in years past. Greg, the boys and myself stayed at home and celebrated life as a family. With a few bumps in the day to get through, we enjoyed making cookies and opening gifts that the boys had made us. Christmas Day was very fun. We started the day with a wonderful visit from Santa!! After opening many wonderful surprises, we headed over to Nani and Papa's house where we had Christmas with them and Heather and Stephen. Around lunch time, we headed back home where we had Christmas with the Vedders. Everyone came over to house and we enjoyed a ham dinner with many fixings.
Friday was a day of playing with new toys and running to the story to exchange just a few odds and ends.

New Years was the best!! We went bowling with Nani and Papa. Aunt Heather, Stephen, Grandma and Grandpa Sheller and Carol also joined in on the celebration!! Upon arriving home, we let the boys stay up for a bit but then made them go to sleep. At this point in their lives, I don't think that seeing the "ball" drop means much. So we set the DVR and showed it to them the next day. No matter if they were awake or sleeping, the New Year would still come and it would be 2009 when they woke up.

I believe that wraps up most of our holiday season.

Happy 2009 to everyone.

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