Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 days off

This summer has been a little different. I have gone from working full time to working only 2 or 3 days a week. Even though it's been tough sometimes, the boys and I are really enjoying staying home together. As an example, here's how we started today.

Nathaniel: "Mom can I have breakfast?" Me: "Sure what do you want?" Nathaniel: "Since we are home, I'll have mini-muffins." Me: "What do you mean, since we are home. That's what you have in the car out to CLC." Nathaniel: "Yes, but today I can eat them at the table." (That made me smile)

Zachary then follows with.... As mommy is dropping stuff (way to much to mention this morning) Zach says "Mom let me get that for you. I'm gonna be your helper today." Me: "You are, thanks buddy." Zachary: "Yep because you can't bend so well because that big belly you say is my sister. See mom, I don't have a big belly. I can bend easily." (Zach now shows me how he can bend) Me: "Well thanks Zach I need your help." Zach: "As usual." (Gotta love 5 year olds) :)

Now what person wouldn't enjoy a day that started out that way. :)

Now onto status updates:
Nathaniel: Nate is 37 days away from being an 8 year old. He's enjoying his two days of summer camp however he is sad that he has to miss the "cooking" day on Thursday. Nate and Papa have been taking Saturday golf lessons. He has really enjoyed them. Both boys got to have a "Papa Special Monday" this summer. On Nate's Monday, Papa took him to play 9 holes. They made it through 6 1/2 before they were tired from the 6,000 steps they had taken. :) The boys also get 2 "Nani Special Days." The first day was a water day with a water machine outside. The 2nd is coming up soon. What is Nate looking forward to? Aug. 1st. Why? Because he's going camping with Nani and Papa.

Zachary: Zach turned 5 in June. He is enjoying his days at "Preschool Summer Camp" (his name). His favorite days are water days. That boy is NOT afraid to get wet!! Zach has also been joining Nate and Papa during golf lessons. He's a little young but enjoys trying the activities. Papa took him mini-golfing on his "Papa Special Monday." I was told her got a Hole-in-One!! On Zach's 1st "Nani Special Day" Zach helped with the water machine. Who knows what will happen on the next special day. :) What is Zach looking forward to? Starting at Knapp Charter. Why? Because "it's my brother's school."

Baby Girl: She has a name however I can't post it until after she comes. She will be here September 15th @ 7:30 a.m. We are working on her room. For more information on baby girl, visit Since she has her own site, I won't post much for her. :)

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