Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall 2009

Baby Girl is here!! Mackenzie Marie was born 2 weeks ago today, September 22nd. She entered the world at 12:21pm; weighing 7 lbs 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.

All in all, the c-section delivery went better than expected. The Dr.'s went in with many concerns however we Dr. Leary did a fabulous job. Mackenzie needed some extra oxygen at birth so she was taken to the neonatal unit. They had told us that she would probably be on a CPAP machine until Friday. However, by 7:30 Tuesday (only 7 hours after birth) Greg went down to visit her and found the machine was gone. They said she had been breathing on her own and didn't need any assistance!! I was up in my room but I can remember Greg almost running into the room to tell me that the machine was gone. On Wednesday, I was told that I could nurse her. This was very exciting! They also told us that if she managed to eat without problems, that she would be able to join me in my room. Between the bottle they gave her and our first attempt at nursing, she did GREAT! We arranged for Thursday to be a full nursing day. I was going to go down and visit every 3 hours. When we went down at 9:00am, the nurse asked me how I felt about bringing her back to my room. I said I was excited to. I didn't realize that she ment right then. Within the hour, Mackenzie was discharged from neonatal and transferred to 6 Center!! We didn't call and tell people that she had been moved. We let them find out the surprise as they came to visit. What fun that was!! :)

On Friday, Mackenzie and I got to go home!! To our surprise, someone decorated our front porch, thanks Nani and Papa. Grandma Vedders picked the boys up from school, not telling them that we were home. That was a wonder surprise!!

Now we are all home and adjusting to life as a family of 5!! The boys have been a wonderful help to Greg and I. I feel as though our family is pretty wonderful!!