Monday, June 14, 2010

1st Day of Mommy Camp 2010

Today is the first official day of Mommy Camp 2010. I have today all planned out. However, one of the activities is having the boys come up with a list of FIELD TRIPS they want to go on this summer (Mac just gets to go on all of them). :) Below is the list they came up with. If any of my friends/family reading this would like to join us on any of these trips, please let me know. :)

Please keep in mind that the boys came up with all of these. They are in no order. I'm not 100% sure that we will do all of them but I would like to do as many as possible! :)

Places to Visit:
~CSI Camp
~Visit the Library for the Summer Reading Club
~Nani and Papa's
~Grandma and Grandpa Shellers
~Aunt Amanda's to play with Josh and Jordan
~Aunt Meghan's to play with HayJamNey
~Visit A. Heather at Camp
~Farmers Market
~Picnic at the Park
~Build a Bear
~John Ball Zoo
~Binder Park Zoo
~Daddy's Work (aka Aquinas)
~Meijer Gardens
~Children's Museum
~Different Parks around GR
~Visit CLC's Summer Camp Store

Activities they want to do:
~Play lots of games. Some inside, some outside, limited video games. :)
~Water Play: ie our backyard, swimming pools, sprinkler parks etc
~Make T-shirts or bags
~Watch Evan so we can play with him
~Play-dates with lots of friends!! :)

**Zach REALLY wants to go fishing. So if anyone knows where we can go fishing, please let me know. :)

I'm sure there are other ideas that we haven't thought of yet. We want to have some play-dates at our house. We don't have a big backyard but we have a swing set, a couple of smaller pools, sprinklers, a sand box, a basketball hoop and LOTS OF FUN!! :)

So if you want to join us for any of these events, please comment on this post or email me. :)

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